Power Standby Red OT CT 1 Y M To all “X” Filaments X X 8 O h m s 4 O h m s Fuse 1A G r e e n Y e l l o w B l a c k N/C W h i t e TRIODE ELECTRONICS AA764 VIBRO CHAMP LAYOUT Notes: *Twist filament wires together tightly *White wire from OT is a screen tap used for UL operation. This wire is not connected in this amplifier. Speaker EXT ... Used, Power Transformer Guitar Amp Valve Tube 6L6 . Beautiful fender twin reverb amp excellent condition, just had a check over and valves replaced where required. very good condition hardly used, bought as back up for gigging.

Fender® Power Cords: Fender® Potentiometer Sets: Fender® Rehab Kits: ... The replacement necks and bodies are for a Fender® or Squier® by Fender® guitar or bass ... The Filter cap is a JJ 40-20-20-20 @525V so you could try some different power supply filtering configurations by paralleling two sections for a single 60uF. The output transformer has outputs for 4 and 8 ohms as well as ultralinear taps aka Dr. Z amps, if you wish to use them. We will also throw in enough Cloth-covered Pushback wire to do the job. Small Power Transformer= The Blues Junior uses a power transformer that is very light for the circuit. Since the bias is non-adjustable Fender keeps the transformer running cool enough but it does not have current draw capability for solid power regulation. Turned up the power supply is sagging due to the power transformer!