Oct 02, 2011 · While bread is a useful sign of hospitality, it’s also a sign of something much deeper. Bread is often referred to as the staff of life. Along with water, bread is the foundation of human existence, which is perhaps what Mahatma Gandhi meant when he said: “There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” View catalog record. Biographical Note: John Pollard Gaines (September 22, 1795-December 9, 1857). Lawyer, soldier, territorial governor, born in Augusta County, Virginia, son of Abner and Elizabeth (Mathews) Gaines, and reared in Boone County, Kentucky.

Sir James Mackintosh FRS FRSE (24 October 1765 – 30 May 1832) was a Scottish jurist, Whig politician and historian. His studies and sympathies embraced many interests. He was trained as a doctor and barrister, and worked also as a journalist, judge, administrator, professor, philosopher and politician. This transcript is the second in a series of Murray Rothbard lectures on the history of thought. Here he explains what is wrong with the "great man" model of the history of science. Rothbard argues for his own method of sorting the wheat from the chaff in the history of ideas. To the Greeks, euthanasia meant having the courage to control fate in the face of inevitable death, defeat, or indignity, and to do so was merciful and/or honorable. To ancient Jews and Christians, euthanasia, regardless of the circumstances, was an affront to God, a challenge to his ultimate authority, and neither noble nor courageous.