The NOGA SWR – Wattmeter | The NoGaWaTT Introduction The need for a simple SWR/Wattmeter that will go down to 200 mw seems to be great. Experiments with the Stockton bridge have resulted in modifications that will allow QRPp levels on 80 thru 10 meters but with some loss (about 10%) on 160 meters. To get better efficiency on 160 meters Pixie 2 QRPp CW TransceiverBuild Date: 09/10/2001 The Pixie 2 is a tiny HF CW transceiver, with a standard two transistor transmitter. It's a Colpitts oscillator, left running, and a keyed power amplifier.

A Mighty Simple Shortwave Transmitter. How many parts does it take to make RF? Seven if you're the Michigan Mighty Mite! The Michigan Mighty is the name given to one of the most simple HF (a.k.a. shortwave) transmitters designed, which makes it an interesting project for both novices and hobbyists learning about RF fundamentals. Amateur Radio (G3TXQ) - Milliwatt meter. Every shack should have a meter capable of accurately measuring low levels of RF power. A very simple design appeared in the June 2001 edition of QST magazine in an article entitled “Simple RF Power measurement” by W7ZOI and W7PUA. These digital-analog displays make it visually easy to tune antenna tuners, amplifiers and transmitters. MFJ-828 Digital HF/6M (1.8 - 54MHz) SWR/Wattmeter with Frequency Counter | eBay This exclusive MFJ feature protects your amplifier by taking your amplifier off-line should the SWR increase above a user-defined pre-set limit.