I ordered the product online and within 5 days the product was on my doorstep. I received a couple quick confirmation emails after placing the order and before I even began to start looking for the package to arrive in the mail it was delivered. Based off the feedback I have recieved here, I have since added a 192 & 240 stud pattern for the 137's and a 180 & 225 stud pattern for the 129's. As far as tear outs go, a gold digger is going to provide slightly more support than a megabite due to the larger head (more surface area). This is not to say that either stud will tear out.

3. How to select your stud pattern. It is important when preparing your stud pattern to keep these items in mind. B. The center belt of the track controls the acceleration. C. The outside belts of the track control the cornering. F. Studs closest to the slide rails provide the most effectiveness.